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They Just didn't like the Kitchen

Posted: November 09, 2020 by Cori Seraydarian

A house can have all the luxury necessities: in home theater, radiant heating, wine cellar, extensive hardscape, but if the kitchen is weak the house won’t sell. When a house has been on the market for too long very often the feedback to the listing agent is: “House showed really well but they just didn’t like the kitchen”.

A fundamental problem may be one that would be hard (and expensive!) to fix: perhaps the kitchen is simply too small. Today’s buyers want large open and airy kitchens. They have no need for formal dining rooms, rather they want a long center island with counter seating, room for a large dining table and comfortable seating and preferably walls of windows and a great view. If you are selling a house that was built prior to 1990 what are you to do?


  • 1.    Find out if it can be opened up. Sometimes the best think to do it admit that it’s an issue and pay a contractor of or architect to create some plans for opening up the kitchen. Sometimes just know that the Buyer can get what they want and roughly how much it will cost will make the difference.
  • 2.    Take out some cabinets. Open display shelves are very popular right now and sometimes removing the top row of cabinets can make the room look larger.
  • 3.    Remove the island. “Wait, you say, you just got finished saying the Buyer WANTS a center island!” Yes but in some cases the removal of the center island will create the illusion of roominess. When they buy your house they can get a nice furniture island.
  • 4.    Make sure you have the best of the best. If you are selling a small kitchen in a higher price range make sure you aren’t skimping on cabinet and appliance quality – spend the money on the best counter tops and don’t ignore the floor! It’s cheaper to freshen up a small er kitchen than it is to start knowing down walls.
  • 5.    Lower the price. If you have been on the market longer than 45 days in this market and the feedback points out the weakness of your kitchen the best thing you can go is lower the price until you find that sweet spot where your price is so competitive the Buyers are willing to overlook your small kitchen!

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